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RIP: Rich Hafstead


Rich Hafstead, partner in the Jim Hanley’s Universe chain in NYC, passed away on Friday, according to information making the rounds. Hafstead suffered a heart attack in 2006 and had been semi-retired since then.

Hafstead was a vital part of making Hanley’s, as it is called, a trailblazing store in a major comics market.

Our condolences to Jim Hanley and the rest of the Hanley’s staff.

  1. My sympathies go out as well. The store is a class act. I always make it a personal priority to check in whenever I’m out visiting relatives in the New Jersey and New York area.



  2. Oh, this is sad! Sympathies to everyone in the JHU family. It’s such a great, great store, and it’s the people that really elevate it.

  3. Hanley’s remains the one store in Manhattan where I still always find something I might not in others. As a comics fan I’ve always loved that it can afford to be so comprehensive. There are many other stores doing well and doing a fine job but despite the sometimes chaotic lay out of Hanley’s I’ve spent more time browsing here than in any other NYC store. Condolonces to those who have lost one of their founders. All stores should care about stock mix as much as they do here.

    Kenny Penman
    Forbidden planet International

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