The great human rights leader and inspiration for non-violent revolt everywhere has died at age 95. The worlds is unlikely to see his equal for a long time.


Mandela has been the subject of many comic autobiographies, including the “official” one, which was, middling.


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South Africa’s greatest cartoonist, Zapiro, drew him many times of course.


As did the US’s David Levine.


  1. It’s funny — the first time I saw the word “apartheid” was in an Archie TMNT comic. It’s interesting, looking back, what a mature book that was — not in the blood-and-cursing sense of its older brother at Mirage, but in depicting serious global issues and trusting its audience to understand them.

    Course, the comic in question was about a man who was transformed into a wolf by a voodoo curse, so, y’know, I don’t want to overstate the seriousness of the story.

  2. While the bio-comic Nelson Mandela: The Authorized Comic Book, published in 2009, is not the most thrilling read or visual creation, the book was designed for a purpose very unlike what is expected of other kinds of biographies. It is meant to enlighten a population that has a very uneven level of literacy about Mandela’s story. The book also includes some very key historical material that is NOT included in the many well regarded prose histories of Mandela. in an interview from South Africa in 2009, Verne Harris, director of the Mandela Foundation, told PW the history of the graphic memoir, described Mandela’s involvement in its creation and detailed the ways that comic was conceived and produced and also outlined plans to turn it into a animated feature for TV.

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