Radio personality and former comics retailer Mike Raub passed away on March 19th. Raub was best known in comics as the owner of the Dream Factory comics chain, and was part of a 90s attempt to open a national chain of comics shops. He was best known in recent years for his work on local radio stations but had many friends in the comics community.
A fundraising effort is underway to help with is funeral costs.  As mentioned there:

Mike eventually left radio to become a comic book retailer. Owning a chain of stores that at its height saw stores in Fairfield and New Haven Counties in CT, as well as Westchester and Rockland County NY. While he never fully achieved his goal of a Dream Factory store in every mall in America, he helped elevate what retail comic book stores should aspire to both in appearance and customer service. 
He believed comics were for everybody and everybody should feel welcome. His first employee was a woman! You may have heard of her if you’re a comics fan, that first employed was Amanda Connor. Years later, I was one of many female employees across the company.