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According to several social media postings, Michelle Wrightson has passed away. Wrightson contributed as a colorist on several Marvel, Heavy Metal and Milestone comics, and was a cartoonist in It Ain’t Me Babe, the first all-woman comics anthology. I don’t know too much of her life story, but she was married to cartoonist Roger Brand and then Bernie Wrightson and was very much part of the whole Studio scene of the 70s. I’ve taken two photos of Wrightson from Facebook, and I hope the posters aren’t offended. The above is from the page of Linda Lessmann Reinhold, a Marvel contributor from that era, and here’s an older one of Wrightson and Jim Starlin from back in the day, as posted by Ralph Reese:

Jim Starlin and Michelle Brand (now Wrightson) acting out a scene from One Year Affair at the old Continuity….

Posted by Ralph Reese on Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Scott Edelman has a look at Wrightson’s underground comics, which will hopefully be included in that Wimmens Comix reprint I mentioned the other day.

It’s being reported that Michelle Wrightson has died suddenly, apparently of natural causes. And though I did know her last by that name, I first became acquainted with her when she was Michelle Brand, and not in the flesh, but rather through her groundbreaking underground comics work.

Worth a look.