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RIP: Ernie Chan


The Filipino comics world has lost another giant with the passing of Ernie Chan at age 71. Chan, originally known as Ernie Chua, was another one of that generation of artists who could and did draw anything, but he got has start doing covers for DC before going to the mystery/barbarian genre which made such good use of the heavily illustrative Pinoy style. Chan also had a long run as a definitive inker for John Buscema on Conan. This is a page that Chan only inked but there’s a lot of his embellishment in the image.

Chan was a fixture of the earliest comic-cons of my youth; he’d always be sitting there in his cap, sketching away in Artist Alley with his wife at his side. I was too shy to get to know him, but the remembrances of a fun, gentle man are coming in.

Gerry Alanguilan continues the month’s sad remembrances: :

I am saddened to hear of Mang Ernie’s passing. I heard from Tina DeZuniga that Ernie had been feeling sick during that convention, and he found out he had cancer soon afterwards. It’s sad to lose one, but it’s truly crushing to lose so many in such a short amount of time.

But Mang Ernie lived a full life. He had accomplished a lot. There was a point in time that he was one of the hottest artists working comics. DC wouldn’t give you the honor of drawing so many cover on their mainstream titles if you weren’t so well regarded. He deserves to be remembered and recognized as someone who contributed positively to the image of Filipinos and their talents worldwide.

  1. Will miss hearing him tell tales of working at Marvel back when he started. Ernie was very funny and would always have time to talk to his fans. You will be missed.

  2. Brilliant work and a brilliant career. I’ve read many books inked by Ernie and I’ve also seen him in Artist Alley (often with his wife and the other Filipino artists).

    It is indeed, a sobering week… month… in comics. I hope people do remember these gentle giants of our industry.

    My sympathies to his friends and family.

  3. met ernie chan a few years ago at one of the carbornaro shows, where he did an iron fist sketch for me that came out fantastic. cool guy, great artist. damn, i hate hearing news like this. condolences to friends , family, and fans.

  4. If any members of Chua’s family are reading this, Ihope they know that Ernie’s name (along with Tony Z and Alfredo A) is something close to legendary among a good number of males raised in 1970s America.

  5. One of the highlights at last year’s Comic-Con was going to Ernie Chan’s Spotlight panel:

    Held in a room where the quarter/fifth? capacity of us where scattered about, he invited us to sit closer to the stage so he didn’t have to deal with the microphone to be heard— and then treated us to a slideshow of his work and commissions. He gave commentary on them (‘personalised’ illustrated requests of Fantasy heroes/damsels/villians), while wistfully remarking on not having NEW Comics work offered to him…

    RIP Ernie (Chua) Chan. Condolences to his family and friends.

    (First Tony DeZuniga, and now Ernie: that SDCC “Filipino Invasion” panel celebrating their work and history sure came at the right time, enabling us fans to honor these men before we could not…)

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