Eartha Kitt died yesterday at age 81. Many people are called “legendary,” but Kitt truly was, as a singer, dancer, and actress. Julie Newmar may have been the #1 Catwoman on the campy Batman TV show, but Kitt was probably the most feline and villainous. As a cabaret singer she was an unsurpassed stylist, and we were lucky enough to see her at the Hollywood Roosevelt. She was a scary lady, but one who played by her own rules and won.




  1. Julie Newmar will always be the icon and the one enshrined in TV history, but there was something so special about Eartha Kitt’s. Her voice was perfection, and there was a hint of menace in her even on that show. A true talent, and Madonna’s Santa Baby sucks in comparison.

  2. She had a sensuality that never aged.
    She was also an activist, blacklisted after she posed a direct question to Ladybird Johnson at a White House luncheon.

  3. Correction on that YouTube link. Sorry. Had the wrong thing in my clipboard:

    (The other was my second cousin’s band in Decatur, Alabama — they’re good, but not as good as Eartha Kitt).

  4. She was always the one-and-only Catwoman to me. I met her once and was too awed to speak, and I pretty thoroughly embarrassed my mother and aunt. I have the excuse of having been a pre-teen at the time, but I doubt I would have done much better at any age.

    What a voice. I had been hearing her version of “Santa Baby” nonstop in my head all week. Wicked.

  5. I have recently started to look back at this lovely lady and have actually fallen in love. She really inspires me and I admire her directness and honestly. On top of that her beauty is unmatched. I would love to see a movie created about her life.

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