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RIP: Carlos Trillo


Prolific Argentinean comics writer Carlos Trillo has passed away at age 68. According to reports, he was traveling in London with his wife when he began to feel unwell and was taken to the hospital where he died.

Trillo’s career spans almost 50 years, and he co-created the series CYBERSIX with Carlos Meglia. He also collaborated with Jordi Bernet, Eduardo Risso, Alberto Breccia and Alejandro Dolina and won the Angouleme Prize for best writer in 1999 for La grande arnaque.

  1. That’s awful. His poor wife, in London without him. Truly terrible.

    I’ve just been reading BORDERLINE, by Trillo and Risso, which I got on a whim, and have been really enjoying it. He was an interesting, solid writer.

    Rest in peace, Mr. Trillo.

  2. This is so sad to hear. His work with Bernet and Risso was amazing. Here’s to hoping such a loss will bring him a greater audience in the English speaking world.

    You will be sorely missed, good sir.

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