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Rick and Morty co-creator to put ORCS IN SPACE

Coming July 2021.


Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland and a team of collaborators are taking orcs into space with a new comic one-shot, aptly titled, Orcs in Space.

The comic is essentially a one-shot, due in July 7, 2021 from publisher Oni. Joining Roiland on the project will be along list of collaborators, including writers Michael Tanner, Rashad Gheith, and Abed Gheith, writer-illustrator François Vigneault, and colorists DJ Chavis and Dave Pender. The 44-page first issue will also feature variant covers by Nicole Goux, Vigneault, and Roiland.

The book stars three bumbling orcs who bumble around until they found the most advance spaceship in the world…which they use to go into space, providing as they do a stream of funny nods to pop culture fandoms. Properties name-checked in the press release announcing the book include Star Trek and Farscape, for starters. Indeed, the Star Trek influence is evident in the first cover they release (which you can check out at the bottom of this post!).

Speaking of the press release, here’s the series pitch that came within it…

Gor, Kravis, and Mongtar are three orcs trying to survive while on the run from everything and everyone on their homeworld. When the naïve bureaucrats from StarBleep land on their planet, the orcs unwittingly steal the most advanced ship in the fleet and blast into the dankest reaches of the outer galactigon. Now the universe’s most wanted, the orcs befriend the ship’s AI, D.O.N.A., in a bid to get free… but will that be enough to escape StarBleep?
Check out Vigneault’s cover below…


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