tundra chad carpenter
Tundra ©Chad Carpenter

Despite all the gloom and doom talk in the biz of late, there is still room for Success in Comics, Alan Gardner writes. In fact they held a whole seminar devoted to the topic!

This last weekend was the 2nd Success in Comics seminar put on by Tundra creator Chad Carpenter and his marketing team of one Bill Kellogg. Attendee numbers were about double from the first one held two years ago with a mix of up-and-coming cartoonists and more established cartoonist. For those who have haven’t attended this event, what sets it apart is the more focused discussion on how cartoonists from different fields were generating an income from their work. It always amazes me at how open cartoonist can be about what other businesses would consider trade-secrets. Either in their talk, or in private discussions, cartoonists were amazingly open about their contacts and their sources of income. Everyone I spoke to said they had noted a few things that they wanted to try when they got back home.

The indispensable Gardner has transcribed his notes from the following sessions:
Success in Comics: Creator Syndicate President Jack Newcombe

Success in Comics: Pickles creator Brian Crane
Success in Comics: Rob Tornoe
Success in Comics: Girls with Slingshots creator Danielle Corsetto

Read these and the secrets of success shall be yours! Hurry up!