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Relax, Twilighters getting their OWN conventions


Creation is launching a 20-date series of TWILIGHT conventions, writes Geoff Boucher at the LA Times:

The three-day weekend fan conventions will tour around the country and internationally over the next three years, with 20 stops already announced and one scheduled in the Southland at the Los Angeles Airport Marriott Hotel on March 12-14, 2010.

“Twilight” fans will have the chance to meet and get up-close and personal with “Twilight” cast members, including Kellan Lutz (Emmet Cullen) and Ashley Green (Alice Cullen), with additional guests to be announced. No word on whether Robert Pattinson (who plays Edward Cullen), Kristen Stewart (Bella Swan) or Taylor Lautner (Jacob Black) will show up yet.

The conventions will feature exclusive footage sneak-peaks, panel discussions, photo opportunities, contests and parties. There will also be wine and cheese parties for the actors and nine fans lucky enough to win an auction for the private event.

It’s a clever move on Creation’s part. The idea is to lure the rabid fans of the Vampire Romance series into their own containment area so that their cooties will not spread to other, healthy fandoms. Once in lockdown, the Twilighters can be isolated and subjected to reprogramming so that they won’t bother us any more.

  1. I still don’t understand why everyone is mad at Twilight fans. SDCC is a madhouse every year, Twilight fans or not. The thing is SDCC affects so few people that I just can’t care. It’s really only a big deal to the people who go every year, and how many of those people exist?

    I mean, I realize Heidi wrote her portion in jest, I’m just saying – if someone is really mad over Twilight fans going to SDCC, they need to come up for air from the overstimulation of SDCC.

  2. I think the Twilighters should be subjected to the same crappy 8mm Star Trek “blooper reel” that gets played at every other convention in the known universe.

  3. I actually feel kinda sorry for Twilight fans. AV Club reported that “TwiCon” was a bit of a scam. Hopefully these new conventions get them some decent Twilight content.

    (Also, Nate, I don’t think Twilight fans are being subject to any undue snarking. Remember the years of the epic battles between Trekkies and Star Wars fans? Those were the days, young whippersnapper.)

  4. Funny you mention this – at SDCC I heard a story that a similar event was held in Austin, but that the first film’s bigger stars were kept out of it by the studio in favor of the bigger con.

    I’m not mad at Twilighters per se, but the debate over their presence there, I believe, is at the heart of a bigger issue – SDCC becoming less and less about comics and more about “pop culture.”

  5. Teenage Twilight fans go crazy over Robert Pattinson, adult women go nuts over soap opera hunks:

    The days actually started way before I got there, with dedicated fans arriving as early as 5am to line up for the tickets that would allow them to get an autograph. In a new move, Disney decided to do away with general wristbands, opting to adapt their FastPass ride system to spit out the magical tickets. But in talking with fans who had been at the park early, it seemed even that plan was wrought with problems. Herded into the park, it was an all-out frenzy as some women pushed and shoved their way into higher positions in line in order to assure they would be one of the lucky ones to get a ticket. I had already decided beforehand that I was there to capture the day on film, not to get autographs, so I was spared from that free-for-all. [. . .]

    I rushed past Star Tours, rounded the bend into the New York City backlot area and spotted my next target–the uber-hunky Ingo Rademacher (Jax) from General Hospital. There was no way I could penetrate the sea of women directly in front of his booth, so I stood off to the side, raised myself up on tiptoe and held the camera above my head for the shot. Ingo thought that was hilarious and started laughing. I stuck my tongue out at him, which made him laugh again before he turned his attention to the next fan in line.

    My sisters devoured romances and, later, bodice-rippers like candy; I did the same with crossword puzzles and SF novels. People just don’t see intense introversion.


  6. Creation had to do something after getting dropped by Fangoria Entertainment as the group for their conventions. Vendors legendarily hated dealing with Creation at those shows.

  7. Well, the idiots who were mad at them being at SDCC this year should be a bit more relieved that their (ONLY THEIRS’) idea of fandom is now more isolated.

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