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Reality Rocks Expo: The video horror


Just in case you wanted MORE evidence of how horrible a comic-con without the comics would be, here is a side-splitting yet appalling VIDEO of that disastrous Reality Rocks Expo we told you about that featured scores of reality TV stars milling around a bleak, deserted LA Convention Center. Current TV’s Ben Hoffman files a hilarious report that reveals just how much reality stars revel in their vapidity. All that is missing is a little cannibalism and you’d have an outtake from THE ROAD.

A few years ago we had an argument with someone about whether Marvel’s head honcho Joe Quesada was more famous than, say, the guy who got his ass whupped first on season four of The Ultimate Fighter. With his many appearances on cable (including Colbert), frequent quotes in newspapers of record and so on, we’d still give the edge to Quesada. Maybe that wasn’t the most perfect match-up actually — MMA fighters actually DO something — but surely the top stars of comicdom are more famous than any random contestant on that show about the dog walkers.

  1. It’s not that Quesada’s more famous, it’s that comics have a devoted fanbase. Reality TV is ephemeral and there aren’t really “fans”, it’s just used to distract you for 22 minutes while you unwind. Hence no one shows up to a Reality Con, but 100k show up to a comic con.

  2. This one disappointed me, actually.

    There was lots of material here for a very funny, deadpan documentary. The “exhibitors” could have spoken volumes for themselves without the interviewer calling them names and insulting them on camera.

  3. I’m with Al(TM) – great for further evidence of how dead it was there. But it did seem odd to have a dude who was basically doing reality TV insult a bunch of other dudes and dudettes doing reality TV he didn’t approve of.
    Maybe this is my own morbid curiosity but i wanted to hear how those poor people justified their own existence to themselves.

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