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Read Comics in Public to launch on Kirby’s birthday


Daily Cross Hatch’s Brian Heater and Sarah Morean have launched a new day for comics pride via their Read Comics in Public program, which is planned for this August 28th, aka Jack Kirby’s birthday :

The concept is fairly simple: we’re asking that everyone take an hour or two out of their day on August 28th (also the birthday of Jack “King” Kirby, incidentally) to read a comic book in a public setting—a park bench, a beach, a bus, the front steps of your local library (we do ask, however, that you be mindful of local loitering laws). Let strangers see you reading a piece of sequential art.

Take to the streets. Be proud. If someone asks what you’re reading, say, “a comic book” (the phrase “graphic novel is also acceptable, but let’s face it, it sort of defeats the whole purpose). Heck, lend them a book, if you’ve got an extra—what better way to make a new friend and convert a new reader?

The site has a few early adopters up, and if few of them look as hot as Anita Pallenberg, at least we can all aspire to greater graphic excellence.

There’s also a poster to be printed out and proudly displayed.


  1. GASP! Read comics? In public?!

    Yeah, I do that almost every day. By reading on the subway, I can ignore my fellow passengers!

    Let’s take this one step further:
    Do it en masse. Have a meet-up somewhere, like a park or a bar. Everyone reads comics, then trades them with each other. Two rules: you gotta read the entire comic, no matter how bad; it’s gotta be suitable for most audiences. No tentacle porn or Marvel Max.

  2. Huh. So Jack Kirby was a Virgo. Gotta go brush up on my horoscope info…

    My kids will have no problem doing this. I, on the other hand, will have to combat decades of insecurities in order to do this!

  3. Same as everybody, I read comic-books in punlic and let’s say that in the russian subway, I might be the only one even if mangas can be seen sometimes …

    Torsten has a great idea to read comic-book en masse.

  4. This is my birthday also!!! I hope to be in Las Vegas. Sounds like the perfect opportunity to sit-back and read my recently purchased Incognito tb.

  5. I read comics in public almost every Thursday (taking whatever new stuff I bought that Wednesday but was unable to read Wednesday night into the resataurant I eat lunch at on Thursday).

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