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RDJ buys comics one issue at a time, just like the rest of us


x17 has photos and video of Robert Downey Jr. stopping in at Meltdown to buy some comics, probably as research for an upcoming role, one would expect. Given that Downey’s Iron Man won’t be appearing in either CAPTAIN AMERICA or THOR, but is being saved for the all-star Avengers team-up, it’s a pretty good bet that the comics he’s picking up are Avengers-related. As Jim McCann noted via Twitter, that included a Hawkeye-Mockingbird miniseries. But…see next entry.

  1. Will you look at the Frankenstein Monster/Bride of Frankenstein pic on the wall behind RDJ’s right shoulder in the video still and the blue haired topless Anime looking character right below that!


    And not a NSFW tag anywhere to be found…

  2. Very Fine/Near Mint: Why should they? They make the people that work on their books have to go buy their own copies as well.

  3. Although the selection leaves a lot to be wanted, the folks at Meltdown have always been incredibly friendly and helpful to me.

  4. I am sure he could get some comp copies if he wanted to, but the actors probably dont get any real use out of knowing old Avengers stories so it would be a bit weird to just send them stuff, also he probably made more money from Iron Man 2 than either of us will ever make in our lives, he can afford the comics.

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