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Raven TV show in development


With Smallville wrapping up, the WB is firing up the oven to cook up another DC-themed TV show. Now in development, rather surprisingly, Raven, the demon-spawned empath created by Marv Wolfman and George Pérez for the Teen Titans. Diego Gutierrez (V) is developing the concept for the CW. Raven previously appeared on TV as a Goth-type character on the Teen Titans cartoon.

Of course, Human Target is currently airing in a version that has little to do with the comics concept. The David E. Kelley Wonder Woman show is still in development but without a network. The CW’s last attempt to develop a DC-based TV show was The Graysons, about a family of acrobat crime fighters, which ran into disapproval from Jeff Robinov and Christopher Nolan.

  1. This could be really, really good.

    Marv and George created a rich mythology around Raven, tailor made for the supernatural:

    Let’s see, you’ve got Azar, the High Priestess who leads a former demonic cult to the other dimension Azarath (which would be interesting if they show it along with the populace dressed in traditional Azarathian garb) where Raven’s mother and the rest live in hiding from, the demon Trigon — a devil they brought into being.

    I think if they stick closely to Marv and George’s concept, they’ll have a winner. The way George designed Raven and her particular way of dressing, she never even needs to put on a costume.

    Raven as initially conceived was a college student anyway. She could even have ‘friends’ at college who just so happen to be named Vic, Wally, Kory, Donna, Gar and Richard.

    I just hope they don’t push the goth angle of the modern version. Going goth will give it a limited appeal.

    Good news! Now let’s hope it actually makes it to the small screen!

  2. Seems a little random since she’s always been a team member and not a solo star. But i imagine there was something in the pitch about a “Supernatural” or “Reaper” style show they could build around that backstory.

  3. Actually, Raven is a loner. She created and joined the Titans only as a means to defeat Trigon.

    Marv wrote Raven as an introvert who was mostly uncomfortable around others, especially talking about herself to others something that changed only when she was around Jericho.

    That was her main problem, a thread Marv and George ran throughout the series, in that she never knew how to open up and tell anyone what was wrong. Keeping all that baggage bottled up inside was what eventually led her to explode and unleash her dark side.

    The Titans advised her to attend college not only to acclimate herself to human culture but also to teach her how to interact with others socially, something she was unable to do growing up isolated on Azarath.

    Sorry for the geek out. I admit it, I’m a Wolfman/Perez Titans connoseur.

  4. @A.L.: “Global Frequency” again? Considering the CW is the “Gossip Girl/Top Model” network, it doesn’t seem the right fit. TNT or FX maybe.

    Lance Roger Axt
    The AudioComics Company

  5. With Raven always being a reserved, controlled character they’ll either have to give her a strong supporting cast (maybe she can assemble a non-super team to help her) or scrap a lot of her character and go for the ‘normal girl discovers her dark secret’ angle.

    I’d be willing to watch either one.

  6. This is a very rich character i think it would be easy to develop very good story lines besides she appeals to a very large audience of kids and people i cant wait to see it

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