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Rare panty variant cover of Grimm Fairy Tales is a hit on eBay


Zenescope is one of those publishers that hangs around the middle of the pack; they’ve been at it for a while, and if they don’t sell giant numbers or have household name hits, they are still at it, occasionally pacting with Discovery or putting out a kids line or doing something else to expand their line.

But the bread and butter that keeps Zenescope afloat is cheesecake — especially of the variant we like to call “loincloth comics.” It’s like the ’90s “Bad Girl” era never went away for GRIMM FAIRY TALES, their flagship title, which features skimpily clad girls thrusting their body parts at various fairy tale based characters on the covers. Sometimes tacky, but harmless.

Just how popular is this stuff? At the recently concluded C2E2, Zenescope released a special edition of issue #57 of the title by bad girl artist Eric Basaldua (also known as ebas). This is the regular cover by Joe Brusha and Pasquale Qualano.

And this is the special C2E2 variant:

But there was also a super duper, extra limited 250-copy “Naughty Variant” cover by Basaldua in which the comely lass is exploring new frontiers in naughtiness by making a rude gesture, wearing sunglasses and wearing even skimpier panties.

Copies of this variant are currently selling for over $150 on eBay.

Paging Wimbledon Green! Just who are these rabid collectors willing to shell out a benjamin for a little extra ass?

There’s gold in them thar panties!


  1. Haha, oh geez. I’d really love to see the comic dealing with a possibly yeast infection due to riding motorcycles around all day in that variant thong.

  2. I don’t know who has the dough to spend that on a variant. For that kind of money you can rent a real model to stand in front of you and flip you off.

    I CAN say that the majority of the customers in my shop that subscribe to the GFT books are female, and the majority who buy off the rack are male.

    I haven’t read them myself yet. So many books, so little time…

  3. I think it’s funny that these books will be worth a couple bucks tops in the future. Anyone remember when those limited chromium lady death covers were going for $150 back in the day, I just saw a pile of them at a thrift store with a bunch of valiant comics.

    I guess there will always be a market for sad horny losers who will part with their cash- you think they’d spend that cash on the real thing? Hah

  4. Zenoscope was selling the ‘Naughty Variant’ at their both at C2E2 for $100, one on eBay ended at $521, another for $400. Prices have seem to come down on eBay since then.

  5. Oh *THAT’S* how it’s done! All of these years I’ve been doing comics wrong.

    Okay, everybody coming to MoCCA, ask me about my minicomic’s panty variant cover. Unfortunately, it’s an autobio comic…

  6. Too bad there wasn’t some sort of, I don’t know,- let’s call it internet- place that those who want to see images like that with, oh, you know, – real humans – existed.

    Seriously folks.
    It’s Two-thousand-fricking-eleven!
    Jeez, save your money for illustrated variant covers.
    Get a room! (and surf the net)

  7. There can’t be that many people who want this stuff, or it would show up higher in the charts. And it can’t just be a case of people wanting T&A, because they could get it much cheaper elsewhere. It’s a combination of extremely limited print runs and a small but VERY devoted audience. Fetish crowd, I guess?

  8. What’s wrong with the GFT Haiti relief cover? It’s not like you had Gretel and the Witch topless in thongs making out with each other and serving cookies to hurricane victims. If it had I might’ve actually donate some cash.

  9. I realize you guys only report the slop, not make it.

    “The stories practically write themselves”.

    *Edited for adding one word, guess which one.

  10. Its funny how a bunch of ignorant fools actually comment on what they believe is valuable and mock others. If showing tits was the main selling point then lady death, Fanthom, witch blade should have been as valuable but none of them have created such a following. The market and demand dictates the price of these books as action comics 1 shows. What’s actually there about the first comic superman was ever featured? It’s terrible art, an old book from the golden age, doomed to crumble to dust because it was not printed on any acid free paper and yet is the most expensive comic of all time. Spawn #1 is worth next to nothing and yet the black and white variant is easily worth anywhere between 200 to a 1000. So I wouldn’t write of these underground comics and their fan following. Grimm fairy tales #1-4 has been steadily rising in price and all 4 can fetch easily between 500 – 700 currently and can be expected to go higher as the company does well

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