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Raina’s excellent week


It was quite a week for books by comics folks. Jerusalem AND Ghosts. Raina Telegemeier is on tour and kicked it off at  St. Anne School in San Francisco, with a crowd and a totally great tour kick off dress.




She also got her own New Yorker piece. And the tour continues.

It was the week everyone’s book came out. I believe we already mentioned Kate Beaton’s King Baby.

But also Vera Brosgal’s Leave Me Alone

And Colleen AF Venable and Ruth Chan’s Mervin the Sloth Is About To Do The Best Thing In The World


And Matt Phelan’s Snow White, which is a graphic novel.

So lots to buy and read. And more coming. Enjoy!



  1. For those unfamiliar with the library world of comics and graphic novels,
    Matt Phelan is an award-winning author of graphic novels, mostly historical:
    The Storm in the Barn, won the 2010 Scott O’Dell Award for Historical Fiction. (The award is named after the author of “Island of the Blue Dolphins”. )
    He’ll be at New York Comic Con, on a panel.

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