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Rabbi examines Jewish themes in comics


Rabbi and scholar Harry Manhoff examines the Jewish heritage in comics:

“I knew there were Jewish authors and artists (in comic books),” recalls Manhoff, 55. “But I didn’t know they were in publishing and distribution. Jews got involved in comic books (in the late 1930s) because many could not get into legitimate publishing.”

Now Manhoff, a scholar and teacher at the college and university level, has taken on topics in addition to Judaism, the Old and New Testaments, and Christian origins. He lectures on Jews and comic books.

And he knows what he’s talking about.

In his lectures, Manhoff describes the secret “Jewishness” of favorite comic book characters, and how their stories link the Jewish folklore tradition.

Manhoff delivers a series of lectures on his fndings in San Leandro, CA later this month.

  1. I hope he mentions Joe Kubert and his works such as Fax From Sarajevo, Yossel, and Jew Ganster. I am not Jewish but these book are GREAT. and you really understand and sympothize with the stories and characters, since the fist two stated above are based on actual events and real reference. Joe is one of the Grandfather of comic books and keeps getting better the older he get ( and for someone around 80 years old…thats awesome and inspiring!!!!

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