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Via PublishersWeekly.com Children’s Book Newsletter:

Salman Rushdie: Will Dumbledore come back to life?

J.K. Rowling: I feel I have to be explicit. Dumbledore is definitely dead. You shouldn’t expect Dumbledore to pull a Gandalf. All of you definitely need to move through the five stages of grief and get past his death.

  1. Darn it!! He’s not dead! He’s just sleeping in that portrait in his old office!

    BTW, is there no afterlife in fiction? Something that doesn’t involve necromancy and zombies?

  2. Is this the BIG spoiler I was hoping to avoid?
    First, a parody on Youtube (I got from the Jinxworld board) about HP’s real dad and nlw this?
    I have the books, but comics take priority over them and anytime I make headway on my to read pile another movie comes out….what’s a body to do?

  3. OKAY PEOPLE, if you have any interest in HARRY POTTER AT ALL and have not read HALF BLOOD PRINCE for ONE WHOLE DARNED YEAR, you get what you deserve!!!!!

    By the way, Rosebud is Citizen Kane’s sled!

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