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Quote of the day on ASTRO BOY


Topless Robot reports that the lackluster new CGI Astro Boy movie tanked in Japan and sticks the knife in a little deeper:

PERHAPS YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE TAKEN JAPAN’S MOST BELOVED CHARACTER AND STUCK HIM IN A SHITTY CG MOVIE WITH VIRTUALLY NO REGARD FOR HIS ORIGINAL STORIES, WHICH MOST OF JAPAN KNOWS BY HEART. AND PERHAPS YOU SHOULDN’T HAVE CAST NIC CAGE AS A VOICE ACTOR, BECAUSE THAT’S LIKE HIRING CHARLES MANSON AS A BABYSITTER. NEITHER OF THEM HAVE THE APPROPRIATE SKILL SETS. Seriously, Astro Boy is so popular in Japan that he’s an official citizen — really. So if you make an Astro Boy movie which can’t beat Fast & Furious in Japan, you have failed beyond all measure. Well fucking done, assholes. Well fucking done.

  1. eh. haven’t seen it and I doubt I’ll have any strong opinion on it, but really, it’s not just on those who made it.

    I mean, someone sold the license for a profit, right?

  2. I stopped subscribing to Topless Robot because, well, back in the old school I was trained to think that cussin’ and callin’ people names really isn’t any way to make a better person out of yourself — there are always better ways to express yourself. That said, sometimes TR hits the nail on the head but they also cause a lot of surrounding property damage that’s totally unnecessary.

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