This book reminds me of the past, but not in a wistful, thinking-back-on-your-first-time-getting-laid way. It’s more a first-time-getting-caught-jerking-off-by-your-mom sensation.

from NICK GAZIN’s COMIC BOOK LOVE-IN #14 – at Viceland Today where he also interviews Chip Kidd and reviews several Conan books.


  1. Huge fan of Nick’s brutal reviews and I’m surprised more people don’t talk about his work. I wish he’d review my book.

  2. Thanks RJ and thanks comic beat as well.

    Writing for the net is kind of like screaming down a well sometimes and it’s hard to know if anyone’s at the bottom receiving your comic missives. Please, please, please leave comments on the article at the Vice site if you like it. Vice has allowed me to increase the comics content and if it’s shown that there’s an interest in it then it’s more likely to not get cut should there ever be a budget crunch or something.

  3. “I guess I once worshipped this guy (Dave McKean), learned some easy tricks and lessons from his work, and now I see it as beneath me. If you love this book and think I’m just some know-nothing asshole, you’re probably right.” – Well, at least he admits it.