§ Kiel Phegley remembers My Life In Halloween Costumes.

§ Greg Burgas wonders…What’s next for DC?

Bear with me: Final Crisis is ending. DC is publishing what amounts to a month of books that regular readers can skip with impunity (which I plan to do, as none of the books interest me at all). Everyone assumes the God of All Comics will somehow show the heroes winning against Darkseid by shooting the Atom into his brain (wait, he wouldn’t do that again, would he?). But what if we’re wrong? What if G-Mozz does the (relatively) unthinkable and has Darkseid win completely? What if the Anti-Life Equation simply destroys the DC Universe? This is FINAL Crisis, after all. And as DiDio has sold a portion of his soul to the Mozzer (the other portion he saved for Geoff Johns, presumably, although Winick may have gotten a piece), why wouldn’t he let him do whatever he wanted, including destroy everything?

§ Brian Heater has a brief interview with Keith Knight on the recent controversy over one of his strips:

But there were some really nice ones, too. There was a kid who wrote to me who was the sports editor of the paper, and he said that he wanted to quit when he first saw the strip. He was shocked. But there was a professor who brought up what he thought I was trying to say about it. There was this very uniquely American situation, where there are these folks who are so casual with their racism, but they’re still supporting this guy. The juxtaposition of that is weird and strange and only in America.

§ Hollywood corner: This interview with Guy Ritchie shows he’s another one with “that certain sensibility”:

“I suppose that the characters that I’m interested in are almost caricatures to a degree,” he said. “I’m interested in the comic book notion on celluloid, and I suppose if you delineate your characters to an extreme, then what you end up with is a three-dimensional character. But I think you have to commit, you have to be confident that that character is a stand-alone individual, and you could make a narrative solely based on that character.”


  1. That Keith Knight strip is great! Well done, sir! I’m only sad that it’s based on a real experience.

    Obama 08!

    p.s. Using the “n” word does not make a person a racist.

  2. Greg Burgas wonders…What’s next for DC?

    Is everyone forgetting that DC “characters” and I don’t mean the ones in the books, have to devote their time and energy to the upcoming Watchmen movie? DC [Doesn’t Count part of WB] will have to entertain the West Coast guys “WB execs.” who will be in town teaching them how to behave and what to say for the Watchmen movie circus.
    Good luck to the retailers looking for something to keep their sales afloat after the great Watchmen hype has sail. Wait that’s right, they can go back to bitching about Barnes & Noble again.

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