Quick hits


§ ComixTalk has it’s annual roundtable on the state of webcomics up, including blatherings by some idiot.

§ Is a film about “Calvin and Hobbes” and its reclusive creator in the works? Well, is it????

§ The Comic Book Club– the live actionn comic book talk show–is profiled in the New York Times:

The heart of the show is the chemistry among the three men, all aspiring comedians, whether discussing the annual, a comic book series’s larger, bonus issue, traditionally published in the summer (Mr. Zalben: “I miss annuals. You don’t get them anymore. You used to expect them every year.” Mr. Tyler: “Hence the word annual.”) or their recollections of a particular fan who has attended nearly every show.

Mr. Zalben recalled the polite e-mail messages sent by the fan when he cannot attend. Mr. Tyler said: “He represents ‘the crowd’ to me. He checks up on us,” and offers questions for guests. Mr. LePage remembered the fan’s reaction to the show’s three-week hiatus in July and August. “He said, ‘I actually went out and got a girlfriend!’ He was not happy!”

§Professor Carol Tyler? Yes, it’s true!
More high schools and even grade schools are seeking advice on ways to foster student interest in cartooning, said Michelle Ollie, managing director at the Vermont school. The center has had to add a second section to its pre-college workshops to accommodate demand. The graphic novel’s increased critical acclaim and greater visibility in mainstream bookstores and libraries have contributed to the growing respect for comics art. Educators also cite the worldwide popularity and influence of Japanese comics known as manga – written for children and adults – and the transformation of graphic novels such as “Ghost World” into Hollywood films.
§ Another country heard from:BostonNOw’s Best comics of ’07

Best Series: Teen Titans (DC)
Runner-up: Astonishing X-Men (Marvel)
Comeback of the Year: The Flash (Wally West) and family
Runners up: Angel (Angel: After the Fall)

§The Fake Vomit Capital of the world:

From the outside, it is another two-story brick warehouse on Chicago’s West Side. Step inside, and visitors return to a certain back-of-the-comic-books kind of American childhood.

The secret is this: It’s the world capital of fake vomit, where it’s still made the old-fashioned American way, ladle by ladle, formed and coagulated for the next generation of pranksters and troublemakers.

  1. Can’t find the damn thing online, but this reminds me of the classic 60 Minutes parody from SNL about the fake vomit factory…

    “We went to Hong Kong on a hunch…and here’s what we found.”


  2. Never understood why Bill Watterson suddenly became a recluse. He freely gave interviews in the 1980s, but then went into hiding after the strip ended. It’s the fact that he became a recluse which has made people so curious about him. Most cartoonists are easy to contact and some even have their own blogs, which tends to satisfy the curious. If he gave an interview now and then or even produced a new book every couple years, he wouldn’t garner extraordinary attention.

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