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PULP SECRET gives away comics


The PULP SECRET REPORT is one of those internet/Tv show’s covering pop culture and the comics, but it’s actually pretty entertaining. Exec producer David P. Levin is spicing up the grew by giving away his comic book collection on the show:

A collector for over forty years, Levin is now the Executive Producer of THE PULP SECRET REPORT, available three times a week on Pulp Secret (http://pulpsecret.com), an online network devoted to comic book news and culture. To promote the show, Levin is giving away one comic book a week from his collection – which dates back to 1962.

The Pulp Secret Report is a comic newscast hosted by improv comics and writers Alex Zalben, Justin Tyler and Pete LePage, and includes news, interviews, and features about the world of comics. Fans can participate in the show by contributing their own videos, comments and email tips.

“This is a show that I’ve been waiting to see all my life,” said Levin. “I believe in it so much that I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is – or at least my comic collection – to get people to tune in.”

“I’m not going to simply give away recent comics – to really make this work, I’m going to give away comics that are really worth something to collectors,” Levin adds.

Last week, Levin gave away an original piece of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle art by David White. This week, he’s giving away his copy of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #87, from 1970. In coming weeks, Levin is contemplating giving away early Jack Kirby New Gods comics and, for the release of SPIDER-MAN 3, even his slightly worn copy of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #4, featuring the first appearance of the Sandman.

Pulp Secret was recently launched by Next New Networks, a media company creating micro-television networks over the internet. Tim Shey, one of the founders of Next New Networks, said, “The comic book fan community is completely underserved by traditional media, so Pulp Secret was a natural choice for one of our first networks. It’s key to us that all of our shows come from passionate people in the communities, so when we saw David throw open the door to his storage unit and put his comic collection on the line in the very first episode, it was pretty obvious we had a real fan in charge.”

“People tell me I’m nuts,” says Levin. “But I figured this was better than shutting down the city of Boston with viral promotions.”

David P. Levin is president of BrainStorm, Inc. He currently produces TV LAND CONFIDENTIAL and in a past life, he co-created and produced the MTV UNCENSORED series. Levin also produced the Spider-Man and Hulk movie specials for MTV.

Zalben, Tyler and LePage also host The Comic Book Club, a weekly live talk show devoted to comic books which is presented Tuesday nights at the People’s Improv Theater in New York City. The Comic Book Club can be seen on the web at http://comicbookclub.blip.tv/.

About Next New Networks

Next New Networks is a media company that creates and builds micro-television networks over the internet for targeted communities. It brings together elements of traditional TV networks with Internet functionality, inviting viewers to contribute, share and distribute content. The company is headquartered in New York City and is privately held. For more information, please visit http://www.NextNewNetworks.com.






  1. This show is nothing more than an infomercial for Midtown Comics in NY. It didn’t feel “organic” to me like other great podcasts out there (i.e. Ifanboy, Comic Geek Speak, Indie Spinner Rack & Around Comics).

    My 2¢

  2. Tim — hope you’ll check out the show again… We’re not affiliated with Midtown in any way, though they were nice enough to let the show film there for the first couple of episodes.

    Not sure what “organic” means, but we’re definitely hoping to do something different than the other great podcasts out there.

    If anyone wants the shot to win David’s copy of ASM #87, you can still enter up until 12 noon Monday.

    Here’s the episode with details: http://www.pulpsecret.com/episode/pulpsecret_13

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