Missed this in our news cycle yesterday, but the NYT has details on ten Pulitzer prize winning editorial cartoonists coming to MAD magazine #487, on sale February 19. Their target? George W. Bush and global warming. The line-up:

Clay Bennett, Chattanooga Times Free Press, Pulitzer Prize 2002
Steve Breen, San Diego Union-Tribune, Pulitzer Prize 1998
Matt Davies, Journal News, Pulitzer Prize 2004
Jack Higgins, Chicago Sun-Times, Pulitzer Prize 1989
Dick Locher, Chicago Tribune, Pulitzer Prize 1983
Jim Morin, Miami Herald, Pulitzer Prize 1996
Mike Peters, Dayton Daily News, Pulitzer Prize 1981
Joel Pett, Lexington Herald-Leader, Pulitzer Prize 2000
Michael Ramirez, Investor’s Business Daily, Pulitzer Prize 1994
Ben Sargent, Austin American-Statesman, Pulitzer Prize 1982

That’s Peters’ contribution. above. Click on the Times link for a slideshow.