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Publishing News: TokyoPop, Shutterbox, O, Hex, Lobo, etc etc


A LOT of publishing news out there we haven’t had a chance to collate due to San DIego Madness™, so let’s get going:

§ Rich Johnston reports that international licensing manager Francine Burke has left DC. Burke is a longtime publishing guru who also worked at Marvel, and some smart company is sure to snap her up.

§ Johanna Draper Carlson attends a recent virtual press conference thrown by Tokyopop and reports on what was said:

After that, there was a short statement about how this is a year of “refocusing and reorganizing” for Tokyopop. They have about half as many titles now as a year ago in order to better focus on “what we think can be successful in a slow market”. They want to regroup and regrow to be in a better position to handle what’s going on in the economy. In terms of causes for this change in strategy, returns had a big impact on them, because “the book market works on consignment”. Most of their audience shops at Barnes & Noble and Borders, and spring 2008 brought “massive waves of returns”. Now, they’re working on controlling inventory and being much more careful about what is printed.

§ Speaking of Tokyopop, Shutterbox by Tavicat, a pioneering work of Ameri-manga is now back in the hands of the creators, according to a post by Rikki Simons, and they are shopping it around; four volumes were printed; a fifth volume is completed and awaiting publication:

In answer to the numerous inquiries from some of the ShutterBox series’ many fans: YES, we are now actively seeking a way to continue the series, both to publish the new volumes, and to republish the now out of print earlier volumes. We are open to and exploring both traditional publishing or through new methods. Interested publishers can e-mail me at rikki@rikkisimons.com and I’ll forward any proposals to Ken, or can contact Ken directly at KenFLevin@gmail.com.

ShutterBox, the first American series published by Tokyopop (2003), is a high fantasy romance about a young lady named Megan Amano, who, when she dreams, is transported to an afterlife world where she attends school as the only living exchange student in a school for muses.

§ NBM is bringing Guido Crepax’s sexy adaptation of The Story of O back into print.
[Link via Adri Cowan]

§ A 128-page JONAH HEX graphic novel is in the works from regular writing team Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray and artist Tony DeZuniga.

§ It turns out the Sam Kieth-drawn Lobo story will be written by Scott Ian, best known as the lead singer of Anthrax, and yet another long time comics fan.

“I have a bit of that going on with the comic book character Lobo. I find it much easier to write comic books than lyrics, actually, because it’s a natural dialogue,” Ian said. “Writing song lyrics is not natural, but over the years, I know what I need to know to get it done. I find it quite easy to capture a character and use my own personality and humor.”

So, I guess the two-issue series WON’T be about Lobo getting in touch with his feminine side after all. Rats.

  1. At least one source says Ian is the lead singer. I didn’t know Alex Ross was involved with the group:

    Which is why we were happy to have the opportunity to interview Scott Ian, lead singer, bald man, and all-around badass. Find out what Scott thinks of Motorhead and how Alex Ross came to create cover art for Anthrax’s latest album.

  2. The Scott Ian Lobo story may be interesting. He was the most unabashed musician-as-comic-fan back in the 1980’s. Used to have Judge Dredd plastered all over his guitars.

    And as previously mentioned, a badass rhythm guitarist but not the singer of Anthrax.

  3. I actually knew that about Ian, but obviously, my headbanging days are pretty hazy right about now.

    That said, I was craving some Ministry this morning!

  4. “NBM is bringing Guido Crepax’s sexy adaptation of The Story of O back into print.”

    And I was just looking for work of this marvelous artist! Not his best, IMHO, but it’s wonderful to see interest reawakened and to actually have the opportunity to see his work in print. :)

  5. I don’t have Crepax’s version of The Story O. I do have his version of Venus and Furs and an Emmanuelle volume. I do have a version of Dorothy Kloster’s photo-illustrated version- might be interesting to compare the two.

    Yes, Scott Ian and Anthrax have always been HUGE comic fans. Surprised this didn’t happen sooner. Not to mention I can’t believe DC really doesn’t use Lobo much these days.

    Heidi, you’re doing more PR for SDCC than whoever does PR for SDCC. Seems like they’d have a blog where most of the who’s booth is where “announcements” should go.

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