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Public service announcement: It's called automatic renewal


And it costs about $20 a year. Priceless.

  1. I recently came across a piece that said if you forget to renew your domain, there’s actually a couple of grace periods that will give the owner time to renew it before it actually becomes available to someone else (or, worse, to a squatter). I think it buys you up to a couple of months to renew.

    But that’s assuming Baker owned the original URL name.

  2. How is this comics journalism news? Why not contact Baker and follow up on the story? Maybe he forgot; maybe he’s got something else going on; maybe it’s on purpose. But this is a news story that exists for no reason as it stands except to draw attention to a mistake, change, or oversight Kyle Baker made, but with no backup of facts.

  3. I posted this as a cautionary tale for other folks, not as a news story.

    In fact IT ALMOST HAPPENED TO ME THIS YEAR, as I had forgotten to renew one of my name domains. CLICK THAT AUTO RENEW BOX, PEOPLE.

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