Following up on last year’s bestselling Vader and Son, Jeffrey Brown is back this April with Vader’s Little Princess a series of gags based on Vader as dad to little Leia, from toddler to teen. Art Director Steve Mockus has a process post on putting together the book’s cover; since it covered an age range the idea wasn’t immediately apparent.

Jeff developed more ideas, some from panels in the book, some just to try out for cover potential—happily, anything we fell in love with that wasn’t quite right for the cover found a home inside the book if it wasn’t already represented. We were looking for something with a sense of affectionate connection that’s also true to the characters and their relationship as Jeff imagines it inside the book, but wouldn’t overemphasize a single aspect (we love Vader as a nervous dad faced with the prospect of Leia dating Han Solo, for instance, but that seemed to us to overemphasize that particular aspect a bit much for the cover.)

The final cover has images from two ages of Leia; the book goes on sale in April for a good long pre-Mother’s Day run, and we suspect it will be as big a hit as Brown’s previous Star Wars humor book.