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Preview: Tom King & Andy Kubert’s Walmart Superman Story (and Batman Appears)


Wow.  DC is about half an inch away from trolling readers who live in places like NYC or San Francisco that aren’t particularly close to a Walmart.  They released a preview of the Tom King / Andy Kubert Superman story from the Walmart Superman comic, which they’re officially referring to as Superman Giant #3.  Listed it on the front page of their website where existing readers are probably a lot more common than potential new ones, so I think it’s pretty safe to say they’re trying to divert existing readers into Walmart for up to four issues per month.  I also couldn’t find any previews for the previous two issues, so it would seem the real game begins with King showing up (and with Bendis doing a turn on Batman Giant).

Amusingly, DC apparently is making no bones about this being “Walmart Superman.”  The naming convention on these files is “WALMART_SMMONTHLY” – as in Walmart Superman Monthly.

In theory, this issue is on shelves at Walmart today, but from both what I’ve seen and heard other people describing, I wouldn’t get incredibly concerned if it doesn’t show up until Saturday or Sunday.  These roll outs seem to be more around a specific date than specifically on that date.


  1. I agree with Glenn. It’s harder for folks in middle America to get comics, as comic shops are much fewer in number there than in coastal states. (Unless you live in a major city like Chicago or Houston.)

    I’m no DC fanboy, but I think they want this to work so they can increase their market share as well as serve their underserved fans. I don’t know why this is even an article. “DC Advertises Series” isn’t really a compelling topic.

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