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Preview: Spider-Man meets Kamala Khan in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #7


Who would win, Spider-Man or Ms Marvel? We may find out when they meet for the first time in October’s AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #7. Will Spidey share tips on how to get home in time for dinner while saving the world? The meeting of Marvel’s seminal “hero with problem” and the modern day “superhero for the people” should be an interesting moment, as captured by Dan Slott, Christos Gage and Guiseppe Camuncoli. Although this is billed as a team-up, in comics tradition, maybe they will accidentally fight first. The issue also introduces Spider-UK, a mysterious character with unknown ties to the Spider-verse. We’d guess crumpets and cricket but that’s to be seen.

The issue includes variant covers by Javier Pulido, Gary Choo, and a Deadpool 75th variant by Michael Golden. There’s also a Hasbro variant which is…for bagged comics I guess?





  1. @Allen – This is the new Ms. Marvel, Kamala Khan. Carol Danvers has been Captain Marvel for quite a while now. Totally different power set (similar to Plastic Man actually) but still fierce and heroic and smart and completely deserving of the Ms. Marvel mantle.

    It’s also a helluva fun read.

  2. Wait. You’ve got Roma and Opal Luna Saturnyne, AND the Most Excellent Superhero of the British Empire Spider-Man, and they didn’t get Alan Davis to do a variant cover?!?

    First Spider-Woman, now this… tch…

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