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PREVIEW: SONS OF CHAOS tells the little known story of the Greek War

Over 30 pages of gorgeous art from Aléjandro Aragon.


IDW has released a massive preview of its upcoming historic graphic novel, Sons of Chaos. Written by Chris Jaymes with art by Aléjandro Aragon, this comic follows the largely untold story of the Greek War for independence, fought in 1821 against the Ottoman Empire.

This is Jaymes’ first graphic novel, though his resume is extensive. He’s written, directed, produced and even acted in both tv and film, with credits on Deadly Expose, Bad Samaritans, Lost and even an episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. 

Aragon, who’s also currently drawing Vault’s much hyped Resonant, fills this book with beautiful art in a panoramic format. As you’ll see in the preview below, he’s able go wild with layouts. This is a story that’s been worked on for nearly eight years and you can tell. It’s 192 oversized pages of history.

The main character of Sons of Chaos, Marcos Botsaris, is a prisoner turned revolutionary leader. He was taken into custody when he was just a child. He sat in the dungeons of Ottoman Pasha for ten years, where his rage only intensified. When Sons of Chaos begins in 1821, Botsaris brings that with him on his return to Greece, sparking a fire that would begin a war that would ripple across history.

The solicitation expands, “The Greek War for Independence was a conflict that quietly influenced the entire world and participants ranged from the London Stock Exchange to celebrities such as Lord Byron, as well as average impassioned Americans willing to transport themselves across the Atlantic to fight alongside the Greeks.”

“This conflict was the pinnacle of what we now know as the Romantic Period and yet, it’s a war that few know ever existed outside of the Greek and Turkish cultures; a war that stimulated the fall of the Ottoman Empire and shaped Western Civilization as we now know it, and in a sense is being fought today under a different heading amongst today’s political world leaders.”

Sons of Chaos hits shelves tomorrow, July 16. For more, check out this massive preview below and keep an eye on IDW at SDCC.

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