“Let the consumer warfare begin.” Even when the rest of the world is gone, the mall still stands. That is the universe of Vault Comics’ new comic series MALL #1.

Co-written by Hollywood screenwriter Gary Dauberman and author Michael Moreci (Wasted Space) in partnership with Emile Gladstone, the series features art by Zak Hartong, colors by Addison Duke, and letters by Jim Campbell.

The story follows what happens when the rest of world collapses, but the mall and all its consumer glory still stand. Inside this shopping mecca lies a new world order including box store tribes and name brand gangs all vying for limited space and resources. Poor Andre Reed, who after the assassination of a tribal leader has to navigate the mad haven to prove his innocence, must attempt to prevent the end of world—again.

“I couldn’t be more excited to have Vault release MALL,” said Dauberman on Vault’s website. “Sometimes there are stories that just scream ‘MAKE ME A COMIC!’ and this was one of them. Working with partners like Emile Gladstone, Mike Moreci, and Zak Hartong, along with Damian and Adrian at Vault, has elevated this story beyond my wildest expectations.”

MALL is madness at its finest,” says Adrian Wassel, Editor-In-Chief at Vault. “It’s a story about the end of the world…after the end of the world. It’s as though Gary and Mike reached into my brain, grabbed all my fond memories of The Warriors, Madmax, and John Carpenter’s opus, then mixed them into some terribly drinkable cocktail.”

MALL is slated to release in comic stores and online on August 28. Preorder with your favorite comic shop by August 5. Besides the main cover, MALL #1 will have a Vault Vintage cover, featuring an ode to Gray Morrow’s classic 1975 cover for Marvel Comics’ Marvel Preview No. 3.

Mall #1 Mall #1 Mall #1 Mall #1 Mall #1 Mall #1


  1. This is the result of what happens when people with no life experience try to imagine the end of the world.\

    These kind of people champion realism (they take everything literally and seriously) but can’t create believable characters or situations to save their lives.

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