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PREVIEW: Lazarus Island is unveiled in ROBIN #1

Robin #1 is due out April 27.


Robin #1 is due out April 27 from the creative team of writer Joshua Williams and artist Gleb Melnikov, and in today’s preview of the issue, we see Damian Wayne striking out on his own and landing…on LAZARUS ISLAND.

It’s a pretty cool setup, and it leads to Damian not only teaming up with Rose Wilson and Connor Hawke, but fighting dudes with names like THE KING SNAKE, in cages. In addition, the book will introduce some new characters, as the Bat-titles are wont to do (pretty much constantly) these days (subsequently stoking sales with a steady stream of first appearances).

And now DC Comics has shared completed pages from the first issue, as well as the designs for the new characters, who are named Flatline and ReSpawn.

Check it out below…enjoy!

Robin #1 Preview

Now that Damian Wayne has severed his ties to both Batman and the Teen Titans, he’ll be emerging from under their shadows to forge his own path, courtesy of writer Joshua Williamson (The Flash, Future State: Justice LeagueInfinite Frontier) and artist Gleb Melnikov (Wonder WomanBatman/Superman Annual) in an all-new ongoing series! Debuting on Tuesday, April 27, Robin will feature new mysteries for Damian to explore, a new supporting cast including Rose Wilson and Connor Hawke, brand new characters Flatline and ReSpawn, and fights—lots of fights!

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