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Preview: Jacques Tardi NEW YORK MON AMOUR


Fantagraphics has been holding it down with publishing English editions of Jacques Tardi’s work, with last year’s “icepunk” THE ARCTIC MARAUDER and before that YOU ARE THERE to name a few. This newest Tardi release, titled NEW YORK MON AMOUR, is slated for a July release, just in time for Independence Day, where we can all revel in the patriotic depictions of New York that Tardi has provided–oh wait. True to his new realism style, “Manhattan” retains the same kind of gritty aesthetic as his illustrations of WWI trench warfare as well as Parisian life.

Drawn with Tardi’s classic ligne claire style, the stories in NEW YORK MON AMOUR are illustrated in a two-color black-and-red technique that develops the kind of crime/noir feeling that Tardi has become so well known for. The stories accompanying “Manhattan” are “It’s So Hard,” “The Killing of Hung,”, and the centerpiece of the book, “Cockroach Killer.”

Until its release, here are some images sent over by Fantagraphics:

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