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PREVIEW: Hellboy Winter Special 2019 with the inked cover

This year's special features three new Hellboy stories.


The Hellboy Winter Special 2019 will hit stores this week, featuring a trio of new stories about Mike Mignola’s hell-born ghost hunter.

All three stories in the book feature different creative teams, and you can find a preview of it below…complete with the inked version of the cover, which is really sharp-looking and sure to be of interest for those who are interested in comics process.

The first story is The Miser’s Gift, which is written by Mignola himself, illustrated by Márk László, and colored by Dave Stewart, who has done the vast bulk of the Mignola-verse coloring. The second story is The Longest Night from writer Chris Roberson, artist Leila Del Duca, and colorist Michelle Madsen. The third piece is from writer Scott Allie, artist Andrea Mutti, and colorist Lee Loughridge. The lettering for all three is being done by Clem Robins.

Although the main Hellboy narrative may have ended last year, there’s still a lot to like in these stories. All three of the artists are great choices, bringing their unique talents to bear in ways that fit with the characters, mythos, and aesthetics they’re drawing. The stories bounce around in terms of both plot elements and settings, going from a fire monster in Budapest during the 1980s to monsters in the snows of upstate New York in the 1920s, and more.

Check out some of the pages from the first story in the Hellboy Winter Special 2019, and the aforementioned ink cover, below. The book is out this Wednesday from publisher Dark Horse Comics. Enjoy!

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