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PREVIEW: Discover a burgeoning genius in Augel’s YOUNG LEONARDO

The young readers graphic novel is the latest of Augel's books to get an English translation from Humanoids.


Last week saw the release of Young Leonardo. Translated by Benjamin Croze, cartoonist William Augel‘s comedic graphic novel about quintessential Renaissance Man Leonardo Da Vinci follows the eponymous Leonardo as a precocious young boy as he interacts with others and the world around him in his own unique way. Today The Beat is happy to present an exclusive five-page preview of Young Leonardo.

Here’s how publisher Humanoids describes the book:

Meet Leonardo, a curious little boy who closely examines the inner and outer workings of the world around him, gaining inspiration for beautiful paintings and wild machines of all kinds (even some that fly!). Little does he know he’ll one day paint some of the world’s greatest masterpieces like the “Mona Lisa” and “The Last Supper,” and even spur the great period of cultural rebirth known as the Renaissance!

Originally published in French as Le petit Léonard de Vinci last summer, the book is the latest of Augel’s graphic novels to be brought to an English-reading audience. In 2019 Humanoids published a translation of another book in Augel’s Little Geniuses series, Young Mozart.

Check out a five-page preview of Young Leonardo below. Published by Humanoids under their BiG imprint, the hardcover young readers graphic novel is available now.

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