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PREVIEW: BATMAN SUPERMAN #2, starring The Shazam Who Laughs

More early peaks at the first David Marquez (with Alejandro Sanchez colors) artwork within the DC Universe


A new Batman Superman #2 preview from DC Comics shows our heroes squaring off against the Shazam Who Laughs.

That comic, which launches at the end of this month, is a continuation of the recently-concluded Batman Who Laughs mini-series. In it, the titular heroes discover that the Jokerized dark version of Batman has Jokerized six more heroes in the DC Universe (the Secret Six, so that’s fun)…and then distrust and face-punching ensure. We already know Shazam is one of those heroes…and now in this new preview, we get to see the fighting.

These pages are from the second issuebut Batman Superman #1 is due out August 28. The series is from writer Josh Williamson, new-to-DC-from-Marvel artist David Marquez, and colorist Alejandro Sánchez. For those who missed it, a Batman Who Laughs mini-series hardcover is due in comic shops on Aug. 28 and at bookstores on Sept. 3.

Below you can find the new preview of Batman Superman #2, followed by an older preview of Batman Superman #1 for context.

And here’s a preview from Batman Superman #1, in which we get to see inside the Batman Who Laugh’s Batcave (that laughs).


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