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PREVIEW: Alena, the comic book movie you haven’t heard of


Speaking of comic books and comic book movies, we’re guessing you haven’t heard about this one: Alena, a Swedish film about a high school girl who gets transferred to a new school and gets bullied. Payback and lacrosse ensue, with perhaps a bit f supernatural horror. The film originated as made-for-TV movie but has been expanded for international release, a well received US debut at the Santa Barbara Film Festival.

The films is based on a graphic novel of the same title by Swedish artist Kim. W Anderson, previously known here as the creator of Love Hurts and a new book due later this spring called Astrid.

Dark Horse, which published both of those is bringing out a US edition of Alena later this year. Andersson is the winner of the Swedish Comics Academy’s Adamson statue—Sweden’s most prestigious comics award. He has an very clean and attractive style—expect to hear more about him. 

Alena goes on sale in August. Here are a few preview pages.


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