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POOD 3 on its way


POOD, the oversized newspaper anthology of current cartoonists, has a third issue coming out in April, just in time for MoCCA, editor Adam McGovern writes:

One of the biggest success-stories in indie comics, and physically biggest comics in this or several neighboring universes, returns this April when POOD’s third issue comes to comic-shops across North America. Featuring some of the leading superstars of comics’ fringe — from Jim Rugg to Hans Rickheit — POOD’s 16 pages of 17 x 23-inch newspaper-style comics have proven that indie graphic novelty can still sell in tough economic times, and that the print fad may still catch on! The 3 is more than an issue-number, it’s the factor by which the crazy has exponentially escalated from comics’ most unfiltered creators! Between big-budget events, make room for sequential art’s event horizon! Designed for small budgets at just four-and-a-half-bucks, and set to debut in April, POOD 3 is orderable from Diamond Previews’ February issue; published by Big If Comics, item code FEB110807 (page 246 of the catalog, page 17 of the order form).

Here’s a sneak preview:

Image TM and (C) 2011 Adam McGovern and Paolo Leandri

Also, much more at the Pood blog, above.

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    It was twice the awesome — and twice the offset (inkiest dang comic this side of the New York Times, if they had comics). But it’s not too late! Where are ya son, I’ll talk you through it — NYC? It’s been
    reported at Midtown Comics, and I’m sure Forbidden Planet remains a big supporter. The Comic Stop chain in Washington State got ’em. Piles of pood in my Jersey hideouts at Funnybooks (Parsippany) and Dewey’s Comic City (Madison). Hopefully Phantom and Copacetic in Pittsburgh, and Ogre in VA? Failing all else, it was Diamond code SEP100844. Lmk and we’ll see if we can’t dispatch a St. Bernard with a keg of brandy and a rolled-up second pood!

  2. Just a shout out to Adam McGovern. Adam! I found a copy of Pood looking for Kirby stuff at a new comics store here. I was attracted by the E-Man and pleased to see you had a contribution. I;m still at steamshovelpress.com and have recently made some comments at Rob Steibel’s spot at the Kirby Musuem. Hope you are well.

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