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Polls are fun: You are what you read


We’ve decided to make everything a little more interactive here at Stately Beat Manor, because we’ve heard that social networking and interactivity are where it’s all at. To that end, we want to know more about YOU, the faithful Beat reader. Perhaps we can even create a sort of Beaters profile, kind of like the old Dewar’s Profiles when drinking fine Scotch was a better way to get laid than using social networking websites. Help us, won’t you? First up: YOU ARE WHAT YOU READ.

I read mostly
DC Comics
Marvel Comics
Alittleathis, alittleathat
Books from the bookstore, like Persepolis and Fun Home.
I only watch movies BASED on comic books.
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  1. I’d probably feel guilty if I actually picked the Marvel or DC options, even if it was true. (They both put out a lot of comic books, I read a lot of comic books, it could end up embarrassing.) The suggested “I follow writers and artists” option is pretty sound, though.

  2. I picked the option ‘Alittleathis, alittleathat’. It’s just more interesting to read a variety of different titles & genres instead of sticking to the same old thing over & over.

  3. Um… All of the above? Other? *sob* Feeling so lonely…

    I read *GOOD* comics. I read *FREE* comics. I read prose books with a superhero theme (like Julie Kenner’s “Aphrodite” romances). I read stuff written for kids, for teens, for adults, for “adults”, and even stuff in other languages I can’t read! I even read graphic novels that aren’t considered graphic novels or comics, like David Macaulay’s “Black and White”, and MAD Magazine! Heck, if I’m really bored, I’ll jutxtapose two images next to each other and create a narrative! (Try that next time you’re at an art museum!)

  4. I think I’m more in line with Torsten’s thinking. As I commented at the poll site, I’m a comics omnivore. “alittleathis, alittleothat” doesn’t quite cut it for me. LOTS of EVERYTHING is more what I do.

  5. I voted alittleathis, alittleathat but like Kat and others I read lots of everything.

    Interesting to see that there’s not a lot of Manga readers here.

  6. I read mostly DC as well but dabble in Marvel, Indie, Image and such.

    My current read list is GL, Final Crisis, Final Crisis Rogues Revenge, FInal Crisis LEGION, JSA, X-Factor, Thunderbolts, War Heroes, Booster Gold, Secret Six, Manhunter, Transformers All Hail Megatron, Checkmate and Ex Machina. Shadowpact used to be here till they got canned.

    Recently dropped Flash (waiting for the new series), JLA, New Avengers, Blue Beetle, Titans, and Astonishing X-men.

    Might pick up Squadron Supreme. Waiting for Flash Rebirth and the subsequent series.

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