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Pipe dream: Refn + Carano for Wonder Woman


Okay so that Allie McAmazon version of Wonder Woman didn’t work out as a TV pilot. Despite being re-elevated to Trinity Status as one of DC’s big three, Wonder Woman is still languishing in the development purgatory that so many DC characters seem to swim around in. But how’s this for an electrifying concept for Diana: a film directed by DRIVE’s kinetic stylist Nicholas Winding Refn and starring-MMA fighter-turned-actor Gina Carano.

Wow, now didn’t that make you jump up and shout “2012!” Refn’s movie was a great character piece, a twisted noir view of LA, a hipster retro fest, AND an edge of your seat action film. All traits that could make an amazing comic book adaptation.

Admittedly, this is just a pipe dream concocted by Page 6. Now it is TRUE that Refn once said his dream project was Wonder Woman, but the minute he said that every sheet had him making the movie, forcing him to say that “rumors has spiraled out of control.” Aw. Spiraling rumor sad face.

Christina Hendricks, who had a brief but electrifying role in DRIVE, was of course tapped as Wonder Woman before everything got shot down.

Carano is known for dishing out punishment in the MMA but just starred in Steven Soderbergh’s HAYWIRE, to good notices, and even claims that we have a new action star:

Soderbergh, who has a long history of working well with non-actors in his films, took the fighter he saw on screen, and along with screenwriter Lem Dobbs (who also penned Soderbergh’s Kafka and The Limey), created a celluloid persona that reflected what he saw in her already: a tough, self-assured and prodigiously talented physical performer. He just made her a mercenary doing black-ops work for the government rather than a cage fighter.

Wonder Woman played by an athlete and not a model? How great would that be?

She can even do her own demure version of the brokeback pose.

Anyway this is all gossip column rumor, so just file it away in your secret screening room of the imagination.

  1. Too bad HAYWIRE was a by the numbers flik with good acting and action that had no soul or interest in us getting to know the characters past their jobs.

    Carano did fine, given what she had.

  2. As “Haywire” didn’t do very well, there won’t be much of a rush to find Gina more movies, certainly not at Warner Brothers.

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