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Pilgrimania is taking over the world — especially the Hilton


Scott Pilgrim promo fever is hitting 105˚ in advance of next week’s San Diego Comic-Con, sure to be known in future years as “The Scott PIlgrim One.” To wit, various Twitter feeds have been capturing the progress of a giant Scott Pilgrim banner being erected over the Hilton Bayfront hotel. Yowsa.

Scott Pilgrim creator Bryan Lee O’Malley has a thorough list of events he’s involved with, including his midnight signing appearance in Toronto, where it all began. (We’ll have more details on midnight events in a few days.)

The most up-to-date news of Scott at the con can be found on the Scott Pilgrim vs Comic-Con Twitter feed. Such news includes the daily release of remixes featuring the seven Evil Exes by Osymyso.

via Empire:

Osymyso, as Wright fans may remember, created Spaced Jam for the DVD release of Spaced (sampling dialogue from the series just as he does here for the film), as well as producing the soundtrack for Shaun Of The Dead and contributing to Hot Fuzz. So this is but the latest in a long collaboration – and this is but the first in a series of trailer mixes he’s done for the movie.

Speaking of music, in a move that caused our eyes to become moist and unfocused when it was announced, Beck wrote the Sex Bob-Omb songs for the movie, and he sounds track is sure to get a lot of play, if Universal has anything to say about it. Hero Complex has a long explanation of how the must-hear soundtrack came to be:

Wright notes, however, that his initial Sex Bob-Omb vision wasn’t too far removed from Times New Viking. The director said he suggested something more akin to Japanese garage rockers Guitar Wolf, a band he had taken to after seeing zombie comedy “Wild Zero,” and a group that puts a slightly more old-school rockabilly spin on its roughed up sound.

“I like Times New Viking,” Wright said, and “the link between Guitar Wolf and Times New Viking is that they’re mastered too loud. They’re the only two bands I can think of in my iTunes like that. Guitar Wolf’s ‘Jet Generation’ has a sticker on the back that says it has been mastered too loud and it shouldn’t be played at full volume. Times New Viking is the same. They’re designed to screw up a playlist.”

O’Malley has his own track-by-track breakdown of the soundtrack:

The Rolling Stones: “Under My Thumb” I pulled this song at one point because I thought it was thematically relevant for Vol 5 and hilariously inappropriate for Scott. It’s a very confident, strutting song about a guy who feels very in control of the situation, which is not like Scott at all. Edgar agreed with the choice, and apparently this song was really hard to get, the Rolling Stones being kind of a big deal, so let’s have a round of applause for our hard-working staff! Point: O’Malley

Of course, we’ve already heard about the “Pilgrim World” to be set up across the tracks from the convention center:

Starting Thursday afternoon and running though the weekend, “Pilgrim” will take over the area across from the convention center near and in the Hilton Gaslamp to create an “immersive experience.” One of the experiences will be a “Pilgrim” room with a DJ spinning tracks and more importantly … a make-your-own-T-shirt stand where cast members will help construct shirts for fans.

WHEW. Finally, to bring it all back to where it began, we have read the sixth Scott Pilgrim volume, SCOTT PILGRIM’S FINEST HOUR. We are contractually not allowed to say anything more than it is an epic of epicness that answers a lot of questions.

  1. I hope Heidi you won’t mind me dropping a little bit of hype here, but at The Beguiling we’re REALLY EXCITED to be doing a kick-ass Midnight Release Party for Scott Pilgrim! Here’s the deets:

    Scott Pilgrim Vol 6 Midnight Release Party
    Featuring Author Bryan Lee O’Malley
    Monday, July 19th, 9pm-1am
    @The Beguiling, 601 Markham Street, Toronto, Canada

    More at:

  2. It’ll be interesting to see how the p.r. matchup of SCOTT PILGRIM vs. TRON next week at SDCC will turn out:

    On one side, i-Pod’ing, Facebook’ing Gen Y’ers with a franchise directed (narrowly?) to them… on the other, older nostalgic Gen X’ers treated to yet another reboot of a benchmark property—

    Which one will win the fickle hearts of us Nerds there, Team PILGRIM or TEAM TRON??

    (Or will WALKING DEAD, THOR/CAPT. AMERICA, or GREEN LANTERN win the promo Olympics instead?)

  3. I’m going to be at the Toronto Scott Pilgrim midnight release party, which looks like it’s going to be amazing with stores and restaurants the whole block around the Beguiling participating. I’ve never been to an midnight release party for a comic before, but it looks like it’s going to be a fun night.

    Also Ed, I think there’s a lot of cross over of the audience of Scott Pilgrim and Tron. Scott Pilgrim is full of references to 1980’s video games, which would be the right age that many would have seen Tron in theatres or on VHS.

    That said, I’m not sure which movies I would be able to say had the most buzz at previous SDCC’s. In other words, the event is big enough that many different movies can have positive buzz coming out of it.

    What I’m surprised of is the fact that they aren’t showing the Scott Pilgrim movie at SDCC. Since the movie is now finished and coming out so shortly after the conference, I would figured that would be the perfect venue to debut the movie.

  4. Matthew—

    GREAT point about videogames as common ground betwen the PILGRIMs and TRONskyites at the Con. That upcoming SP spinoff Video Game looks like all kinds of oldskool 8-bit gaming goodness: NES ftw! (Did Scott play Space Paranoids in the books?)

    I’m still wondering about the age divide between the targeted audiences for the two movies, though… Seems to me the films occupy opposite ends of the geek
    ‘market’ spectrum— so I’m picturing a ‘Clash of the Nerd Generations’ there at SDCC next week. ;)

    And here’s an updated shot of the Hilton billboard:http://znl.me/POHMQU

  5. Ed, I guess my problem I’m 33 and I know a lot of people my age who really love Scott Pilgrim. Even those who aren’t into comics see an appeal to the movie trailer through the 8-bit 16-bit video game references. So while I can see Scott Pilgrim’s appeal to a younger audience, I really don’t see it alienating an older audience.

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