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PILGRIM demand high!


We’re hearing that due to various factors, including Diamond’s warehouse move, many re-orders for SCOTT PILGRIM #5 — at least in New York — have been delayed. Tuesday’s midnight signing at Jim Hanley’s Universe was a complete sell-out and last night’s Rocketship signing was as well, with people lined up out the door in the cold night air to get an autographed copy.

How popular is SCOTT PILGRIM?

It’s currently at #356 on Amazon, but rising daily.

  1. Hee hee! My market prediction is slowly coming true! Amazon is replacing the direct market. I’m having a hard time caring if Diamond is going to ruin the direct market or not when most of the books I want are available from Amazon – at a better price and with better customer service!

  2. Yes, the book is shiny both inside and out. I bought a copy for a co-worker yesterday, who put it on her desk. For the rest of the afternoon every time I passed by her desk the book would catch my eye. It’s a great cover!

  3. Comics Toons N Toys* in Tustin CA had scads of copies. But then they’ve always been all about the indy comics. Much better customer service than any faceless website!

    *shameless non-paid plug from a customer

  4. Hey Kenny, who do you think distributes Scott Pilgrim to Amazon? If you said Diamond, you would be correct…

    I’m just saying.

  5. Hey Jeremy, you’re missing the point. Amazon is replacing the superhero obsessed direct market. I won’t mourn the loss of the direct market because I don’t read floppies. For me, it’s not the Diamond part I care about. I’m just happy there’s a one stop shop for comics I want to read.

    Nothing’s worse than trying to shop at a direct market store because they usually haven’t even heard of books like Mome, Scott Pilgrim, or anything like that. So, I’m saying I don’t care if Diamond destroys the direct market. That’s all.

  6. Speak for yourself, Kenny. There’s a ton of great Direct Market stores all over the country that do a fine job stocking non-superhero, non-Big 2 comics.

  7. This is so awesome and awful at the same time. I hate that people aren’t able to get their hands on copies immediately, but so glad the book is finally getting the attention and demand it has for so long deserved.

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