Over at Blog Flume, publisher Alvin Buenaventura has resurrected hopes and a bit of his shuttered Buenaventura Press with a single image for one Pigeon Press, and the announcement of new issues of Matt Furie’s BOYS CLUB and Lisa Hanawalt’s I WANT YOU for sale at APE, October 16-17.

The much admired and lauded Buenaventura Press closed down at the beginning of the year following financial setbacks and legal problems.

Other details of the new Pigeon Press are under wraps, but if Buenaventura is back, it’s good news indeed.


  1. Boys Club #4 was good enough that I will look for other installments and I have enjoyed Hanawalts “I Love You”. The website has only a single image and no contact info.

    Does anyone know if these guys take submissions? Or any contact info for purchases, etc?