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Pictures From the Guardians of the Galaxy Premiere


by Brandon Schatz

If you were on the Secret Comics Illuminati Twitter Feed last night, you probably saw folks complaining about John Cena and Brock Lesnar being the anchor match at this year’s Summer Slam in among the plans to destroy your childhood. Oh, and you might have also caught wind of the Guardians of the Galaxy premiere held at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood. Really, it all depends on which part of the illuminati’s feed you were digging through. You all have access to those secret tweets, right?


Um… anyway, here’s a smattering of pictures from the event, and uh… forget I said anything about the secret feed, okay? I… don’t want to get in trouble before SDCC.

(Where is that damn edit button…)

The premiere, held at David Lapham’s palatial estate, one assumes. #comicsjokes
Lots of people on a stage
The body of Rocket Raccoon and Glenn Close, standing, totally comfortable.
Vin Diesel catches sight of a bird
Karen Gillen, writer of Phonogram, friend (?) to Jamie McKelvie, beloved by animals everywhere.
Chris Pratt, handsome as the dickens.
Fact: you can not contain Bradley Cooper in a suit. The suit will literally start on fire.
Zoe Saldana is just wonderful. I have not more comments other than this.
Michael Rooker thinks this premiere…
…is out of this world. #hyeeeaaaaahhhhhhhhh
A picture of a cat
“Oh you,” says Lee Pace.
Samm Levine, who has grown up to look exactly like he did in Freaks and Geeks.
Dave Bautista emotes for the camera.

Guardians of the Galaxy premieres on August 1st, 2014. Check your local theatres for listings. If you don’t have a local theatre, yell “Star-Lord!” into the void, and Chris Pratt will arrive, scoop you up in his arms, and carry you to the nearest theatre while whispering about his time on Everwood into your ears.


  1. Ha, “El Capitan”.

    I’m hearing lots of good advance reviews of this. “Best Marvel movie ever” says some. I’m really just glad Marvel’s treating Jim Starlin right this time. He says he loves the movie too.

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