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Pibgorn to return to the web


Here’s a story going around that strikes us as hiving quite a bit of interest. PIBGORN was one of United Media’s wwebcomics (yes they have them) by Brooke McEldowney, the creator of the popular 9 Chickweed Lane. Pibgorn was a lot more adventurous than the average newspaper strip, and it was recently cancelled, due to amicable disagreements over content. However, the strip will be reappearing — details are sketchy but apparently McEldowney will be relaunching in “a new online home”, which could mean its own website, or something else. it’s of interest to see an established (and successful) comic strip artist embracing the webcomic format — yet another example of the “reverse commute.”

The Comics Curmudgeon has the skinny from the cartoonist:

With United Media’s announcement that “Pibgorn” is to be discontinued, I have been inundated with e-mail, much of it agitated and distressed. I’m very sorry you had to get the news in this rather dispassionate way. That I may answer your central question forthwith, I’ve composed this response for everyone — so please forgive me if I seem impersonal.


There. That is the main thing I wanted to say. Comics.com, however, will, as they have announced, no longer be the source. Nothing dramatic happened, really. I simply came to feel that the editorial needs of comics.com and those of “Pibgorn” were becoming more and more divergent and incompatible. For this reason I asked to be released from my contract with United Media in order to secure a new online home for “Pibgorn.” United Media most graciously, and reluctantly, agreed. In short order I hope to get Pib back up and flying.

Meanwhile, you have seen the most current installments of “Pibgorn.” Hold that thought. We’ll be back.


  1. Just asked Comics.com to refund my subscription, as Pibgorn was the only thing there I wanted to read that I didn’t already get in my local paper. I registered my displeasure as to its disappearance, to which they replied:

    Zelada, Rene: begin quote: We are sad about losing Pibgorn as well. It was unfortunate that the creator decided to discontinue the strip with us which forced us to take down the strip and the archives.
    :end quote:

    Nice spin. I’m now doubly happy to have quit their service.

  2. Today is March 10, 2008.
    I used to enjoy your strip Pibgorn, but since you have started this so-called sketch-art I find it a waste of time to even look at it. Until the sketch art discontinues, you have lost several readers.
    Signed: disappointed.

  3. Just ignore the sketches, they only appear every other day. It’s a Dreingabe, you’re not losing anything. And Brooke won’t miss you if you decide to stay away. I find the intermediate sketchwork delightful.

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