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Photo Parade: Oni, Hannigan, Templesmith, etc., etc., etc.


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Anders Nilsen went to Rothenburg’s Kriminalmuseum and Munich’s Altes Pinakothekand took pictures.

Jamie S. Rich and Diana Schutz spoke to Brian M. Bendis’s comics class. Charlie Chu (recently relocated to Portland as an Oni employee) took pictures.

• An OC Weekly photo set from the Long Beach Comics Expo a week or so back. Above, Whilce Portacio

• More comics-themed statues from Tom Spurgeon.

Sean Kleefeld is building…something.

• A few photos from En Masse a Montreal-based ongoing collaborative black & white drawing project.

Ben Templesmith has been taking lots of photos on his CHOKER tour. Part One. Part Two. Bonus photos of a tour of the old bars of 7th St.

• Some pictures from the Ed Hannigan Covered show at the Cartoon
Art Museum

• Not Comics, but this blog had some groovy photos of a weird snowman.

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