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Photo Parade Day 2 — I think


A few photos, and no time to write captions except for one…


WHO WANTS TO BE A SUPERHERO cast at Dark Horse booth #1

WHO WANTS TO BE A SUPERHERO cast at Dark Horse booth #2

Matt Groening says hello.

Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti presenting at the Eisners

Anina Bennett and Paul Guinan at the Eisners.

Eric Reynolds was unrepenetant for his kick back attire.

Aaron Renier won for Talent Deserving of Wider Recognition.

Paul Dini and Misty Lee. Misty had the best enunciation of any presenter, in our humble opinion.

MC Bill Morrison and the lovely Kayre Morrison.

Calvin Reid accepting the Bob Clampett Humanitarian Award.

The Fables team tableau.

JIm Steranko accepting his Hall of Fame Award


  1. Great pics! I think I know most of the people there, but when you recover, do ya think you could give us some captions?

  2. Sterenko’s speech was the highlight of the Eisners. He opened by saying that he thought he’d been awarded the “Rob Liefeld Humility Award.” It was awesome.

    Adrian Renier’s speech was a close second.

  3. Jim Steranko? Or is it Al Pacino…either way, he looks as though he was saying hello to his little friend (and well deserved!)

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