200802201404Big news for webcomics as Nicholas Gurewitch announces the strip is going on hiatus.

“It’s really not as big a deal as it might seem,” Nicholas said today. “I’ll simply be producing comics at a pace I’m more comfortable with.” Monday newspapers publishing his strip received the surprising announcement from the cartoonist. “I’m making this decision for a variety of reasons,” Nicholas told them in an email, “but mainly because I want to do other things besides be a cartoonist.”

Gurewitch cites the success of the PBF collection as part of the reason for the move, and in fact will live at least partially off the proceeds. The fact that he can do this at age 25 is about as big an indicator of the new metrics of cartooning as anything we’ve seen lately.
THe link above includes a hilarious account of an appearance by Gurewitch on Fox News (!) in which he reenacted one of our very favorite PBF strips. Does Gurewitch have a big future as a television personality? We wouldn’t be a bit surprised.