A few event photos from around. Christina Foxley from The Strand bookstore sent us a few photos of the exhibit of the Strand Tote Bag design contest which was held the other night at SVA. Above, left to right: Toon Books Françoise Mouly, runner up Domitille Collardey, cartoonist and contest judge Art Spiegelman; another judge, R. Sikoryak; runner-up Tim Goldman and winner Zak Foster. We stopped by and ran into many cartoon types, including Sarah Glidden who told us about her next project after the upcoming HOW TO UNDERSTAND ISRAEL IN 60 DAYS OR LESS, another comics-journalism piece, and it sounds pretty interesting. Collardey is what you call “an emerging cartoon star” and she’s presently working on a graphic novel to be published in France.


Above, a smaller selection of the cast of the first photo.

§ ALSO: Desert Island’s Flickr stream of the recent event featuing Seth Scriver, Keith Jones, and Sojna Ahlers :

AND photos from the Jim Woodring event at the same venue:


We saw Woodring at his opening at the Scott Eder Gallery on Friday, which was lacking in AC, but none-the-less a convivial gathering around some gorgeous art by Woodring. As many have previously noted, “Gentleman” Jim is as placid and friendly as his art is subtly demented and disturbing — sometimes things just work out that way!

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