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Pavia updates Tokyopop


ICV2 catches up with Tokyopop’s Associate Publisher, Marco Pavia, who updates their publishing plans. Part One:

Just to be clear (I know there have been a lot of Internet rumors), we have not cancelled any series; we’ve really just adjusted the release pattern of certain series. This allows us to have a more narrowly focused and fiercer list. I was just looking at the BookScan report from last week and we had a pretty healthy growth over the prior week with titles like Loveless,+Anima, and .Hack and even some of our more niche-y products, some of our yaoi, books like Junjo Romantica have charted in the top 50 in BookScan and we’re seeing great success with our Warcraft and Starcraft programs. Our Gothic and Lolita Bible has really taken off; it’s something a bit different for us, but through our various marketing efforts we’ve really been embraced by the Gothic and Lolita community.

Part Two.

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